The Industry Standard

Over the last two decades, ESG has established a reputation for delivering the most flexible, scalable, and comprehensive business process solutions in the retail energy industry. In terms of power, sophistication, and ease of use, ESG’s suite of software as a service (SaaS) products stand alone. To learn more, download the ESG Fact Sheet


Exceeding Expectations

By providing solutions that streamline operations, help maintain regulatory compliance and maximize profitability and pairing them with the most experienced team in the industry, ESG is known for exceeding client expectations and delivering services on time and on budget. 

Experienced Team

ESG was started in 1998 and many ESG veterans have been active in the retail energy markets since the inception of deregulation. This unsurpassed expertise is reflected in quality of ESG’s solutions and seasoned team members who possess over 1400 years of combined energy industry experience.

Outstanding Technical Support

Working behind the scenes, ESG’s outstanding technical support staff monitors your system and identifies, tracks, and resolves business process exceptions. ESG exception monitoring dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership by increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Acquisitions Enhance ESG Solutions

Integrated SaaS, business process management (BPM) and actionable data analytics to help energy retailers enter the UK energy market.

Fully integrated web-based customer care and billing solutions that are flexible and powerful enough to accommodate the most demanding challenges faced by utilities and energy retailers.

Pipeline and storage management systems that are internet-based, robust and affordable for operations of any size.

The Aprose Solutions DCC connector service ASe-i is a complete solution that delivers the standards-compliant connectivity necessary for GB Smart Metering via the DCC.

The Back Office Solution of Choice

ESG solutions pave the way for retail energy providers to rapidly enter new markets, while reducing regulatory and operational risks. With ESG’s solutions in their back offices, over 300 energy companies—operating in all deregulated states provinces and prefectures in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia and Japan and serving over 15 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers—are able to quickly acquire customers and source their energy from wholesale providers behind more than 250 electric and gas utilities.

Currently Serving300+Energy retail suppliers
Operating in70+States, Provinces & Prefectures
In Production Behind250+Electric and Gas Utlities

A Company On the Move

Backed by AKKR, a leading silicon Valley based private equity firm, ESG is growing rapidly. The partnership will focus on developing new products and growing the client base, not only in the United States and Canada, and United Kingdom, but also in Japan, home of the world’s largest deregulated energy market.

ESG Accomplishments

Competitively serviced electricity metering

ESG staff participated in the development and architecture of the Transaction Management Services system used to enroll the first competitively serviced electricity meter in the U.S.

Pre-integrated EDI

The first energy services company to offer pre-integrated EDI, wholesale forecasting, scheduling, settlement, pricing management and billing solutions

First to Market

The first, and only, EDI/Transaction Management Services vendor in production in 22 U.S. states supporting more than 130 utility jurisdictions

Fully Automated Cost Allocation

The first company to offer fully automated cost allocation reporting at the meter level, allowing direct pass-through of ISO settlement charges along with energy and delivery charges on a single bill

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