Retail Expertise

Tightly Integrated Technology

ESG’s advanced, tightly integrated technologies and team of experienced energy industry professionals enable customers to enter new markets effectively, reduce operational risks and lower overall costs. ESG brings technological innovation and unparalleled customer service to the retail energy sector across the world.

Global Markets

ESG provides a proven solution where ever you are, whether your business is in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia or Japan, ESG can support you there. We are currently active in over 250 markets around the globe. Our customers benefit from having a single partner that can expedite market entry around the world.

Robust and Full Featured

ESG solutions were designed from the start to work together as an integrated whole. You can configure the modules to match your workflow, choose an integrated solution or just select the modules you need. A full suite of solutions that can be combined to provide end- to-end solutions from one single vendor.



Experience Built In

ESG knows the important factors that need to be considered across all Retail Energy Markets – startups, established markets and utilities. Our solutions accommodate a wide range of market and client protocols.  ESG connects more than 20 million meters with more than 200 electric and gas utilities in six countries. And the number is growing daily. ESG has successfully tested and certified more energy suppliers and distribution companies than other transactional management vendor in North America.

Onboarding with Ease

ESG has more experience than any other vendor in the industry onboarding (migration and implementation) new client/trading partner relationships. We have a systematic process that is proven, disciplined and minimizes your resource requirements. You can be confident that you are getting the most practical and efficient integration. And, ESG closely monitors new trading partner relationships to make sure all connectivity and integration is running smoothly.