ESG’s Retail Energy Enterprise Solution (REES) Is Ready For Japan

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ESG’s Retail Energy Enterprise Solution (REES) Is Ready For Japan

The newly opened Japan retail electric market presents the greatest free-market opportunity since the Internet boom of the 1990’s. With 85 million available accounts, Japan is now the largest retail electric market in the world. Another 30 million accounts became available when the retail gas markets opened on April 1, 2017. In addition to the sheer size of the Japan retail market, the appeal is increased by a favorable regulatory environment, one contiguous market instead of the balkanized markets in the U.S. and Canada, supplier consolidated billing processes and consumers eager to switch from their current utility.

With Japan’s retail electric market now open and the expected ‘whitewater’ period underway, retailers who are prepared to navigate these challenging waters will achieve significant success. Japan’s retail and wholesale markets have complex transaction and business process requirements, and the cultural and language barriers are potentially daunting as well. As a result, it is absolutely critical to select a vendor with significant, existing transaction and business process experience coupled with strong partnerships in Japan with wholesale, balancing, printing and call center expertise.

Recognizing the substantial value of this new market, ESG has developed and deployed a comprehensive end-to-end solution that allows Retail Energy Utilities (competitive energy suppliers) to rapidly enter and effectively operate in Japan. ESG’s REES (Retail Energy Enterprise Solution) provides superior technology and services overseen by industry experts from the U.S. and Japan. REES’s end-to-end solution offers functionality addressing: sales and pricing, transaction management, customer management, and wholesale business processes and reporting. REES is configured and production ready to meet the rules, specifications and regulations of the Japanese retail market.

Are you interested in entering the Japan retail markets? To learn more about ESG’s REES solution and how ESG will power you to success in Japan, please contact ESG at (800) 773-3298 or by email at