No One Size Fits All Here

Retail Energy Providers needs are different, one size does not fit all.  With ESG’s comprehensive suite of products you can choose from EDI, billing, CIS, wholesale energy management, pipeline/storage management as well as forecasting, sales and pricing.  Choose an integrated solution or just the product(s) you need.

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Scale and Performance

ESG’s Products are designed to perform and deliver. They are utilized by over 300 retail supplier customers, support over 20 million residential, commercial and industrial customers and in production behind over 250 electric and gas utilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia and Japan. As your company accelerates growth, ESG’s product help ensure that growth is achieved. Whether you are an established supplier or a new entrant – gas or electric – ESG can help you scale to stay competitive and keep your customers happy.

Reliable and Secure

And if those products are not reliable and secure, you won’t stay competitive in this ever changing market place. Downtime costs you money and credibility. ESG employs redundancy at every level of our systems, from site to data redundancy. And our scalable technical system design, combined with the most experienced personnel ensures our ability to accommodate surges in transaction and exception volume.

Exceptions Happen

It is how you deal with them that matters. Timely automated resolutions can often make the difference between success and failure. You need experienced and knowledgeable staff that can identify, isolate, quantify, track, and resolve business exceptions, reducing client risk and maximizing operational efficiency. That is what you get with ESG seasoned industry personnel.