Sigma Customer Care and Billing Solution (CC&B)

Manage Your Day to Day Operations

Sigma CC&B is a web-based customer care platform that provides an intuitive interface for customer care professionals to access customer information. CC&B was designed for Retail Energy Providers to manage all functions required for the day to day operations and growth of their customer base and their satisfaction. From Prospect and Campaign Management to Business Intelligence Reporting and everything in between, Sigma CC&B supports electric, gas and other commodities as well as non-commodity products and services.

Customer View at a Glance

The Customer Portfolio screen gives an at-a-glance view of all the important customer information and provides a logical layout of entry points to obtain further details pertinent to a customer, such as bill details, market transactions, meter readings, contract details, and customer correspondences. CC&B provides a real-time interface for customer care professionals to serve customers from prospecting to payment acceptance. CC&B facilitates self-service portals that allow a prospect to go through the enrollment process and a customer to access their account, view current and previous bills, review usage histories, and make payments.

Understand Your Customer

Retail Energy Marketers & Utilities now more than ever need to understand who their customers are, what they want, and what they are willing to pay both now and in the future. With customers more connected and knowledgeable on their energy consumption, retailers and utilities have the opportunity to create targeted products and services. Smart Meters & Smart Grid technology provides more insight into energy usage to both the customer and their retail energy marketers & utilities. This offers options not only in products and services but also customer engagements for improved demand response alternatives.

Lighten Your Workload

Sigma CC&B (Customer Care and Billing) handles every aspect of customer information management. Sigma CC&B scales with business needs thus helping retailers &utilities in any market maximize revenue, create cost efficiencies and respond to market change.