Crude Oil Pipeline Service (COPS)

Straight-Forward, Cost-Effective Systems for Managing Key Pipeline Activities

ESG’s COPS is a Crude Oil Pipeline Transaction Management System.  COPS provides pipeline operators with all the key information needed to efficiently manage a crude oil pipeline in an easily accessible, cost-effective way. Supporting both English and Spanish, COPS offers easy, secure access from any location.

With COPS customers get:

  • Efficiency – COPS streamlines daily pipeline administration, eliminating emails, faxes, and spreadsheets
  • Simplicity – shippers nominate, confirm, and view terms and invoices all in one easy-to-navigate website
  • Visibility – pipeline data is available easily, with robust reporting and download options
  • Reliability – 24×7 support based in North America with high-availability, disaster-recovery and business continuity
  • Security – cloud-based, secure access with multiple security levels
  • Language Flexibility – users can select between English and Spanish

 The ESG Difference

COPS provides operators of crude oil pipelines a way to get off spreadsheets and emails and onto a secure platform that streamlines administrative processes. COPS allows operators to manage:

  • Nominations/confirmation/scheduling – all without emails, spreadsheets, or faxes
  • Shippers – terms and rates, receipt and delivery point access
  • Measurement – monthly or daily measure, truck tickets, SCADA interface
  • Inventories – build/pull balances, adjustments
  • Invoicing – monthly invoices for transportation, gathering, truck loading
  • Deductions – API/quality bank, green oil, and PLA

ESG’s service provides a safe, secure way to manage critical aspects of crude oil pipelines. COPS allows operators to consolidate their critical data and turn it into usable information in the operation of the pipeline.