Transaction Management Software (TMS)

Verified, Secure Data Exchange

Retail energy market participants need to exchange data with many different sources in a reliable, verifiable, secure manner. ESG applies the discipline of data management birthed in the EDI worlds to all the trading partners we exchange data with on behalf of our Clients, whether X12 via NAESB, flat files over SFTP, or JSON via web services.

Conquering Data Processing Needs:

ESG’s Data Management solutions meet the challenging data processing needs of retail energy suppliers and utilities. Organizations that are struggling with limitations of current EDI or API systems, or looking to automate business processes benefit from TMS. ESG ensures your data is clean, validated and normalized.

Designed to Positively Impact Performance and Profitability:

TMS is feature rich ensuring efficiencies on retail energy providers’ performance and profitability. 

  • Secure, Reliable File Delivery: Provides secure, reliable file exchange, bidirectional delivery receipt tracking, and transmission exception management. Support for all industry communication protocols across North America and Japan.
  • Market Portal: Offers real-time, web-based access to your Customer and market transaction information. The Market Portal allows you to create, retrieve, and track transactions; generate and download reports, and monitor exceptions via a secure, user-friendly interface.
  • Exception Management: Isolates and resolves energy market transaction exceptions and errors, reducing transaction management costs and risks while keeping billing and wholesale systems accurate.
  • Conduit Transaction Gateway (CTG): Provides a normalized transaction structure for all deregulated markets globally. By normalizing all trading partners, business rules, and transactions, CTG simplifies back-office support and reduces costs and risks associated with time to market, systems integration and market entry.
  • Historical Usage: Processes pre-enrollment historical usage in real-time and standardizes the format across all markets, helping brokers and energy suppliers to quickly calculate accurate pricing.
  • Market and Systems Integration: Performs all requirements for market testing and trading partner certification. Provides assessments of requirements for integration with existing back-office systems as part of a fixed, up-front cost, enabling a rapid, reliable, and cost-effective implementation for both the retailer and its trading partners.
  • Market Guarantee: Guarantees ongoing market compliance, significantly reducing regulatory and operational risks with free updates, well-documented changes, and free regression testing support.