Pipeline Automation Service

Reliable, Affordable Communications for Energy Trading Partners

The need for secure, reliable information transfer between pipelines and their trading partners has become increasingly critical. To meet this challenge, ESG developed a Pipeline Automation Service (PAS). PAS is specifically designed to help trading partners, pipelines, and storage facilities meet the GISB/NAESB internet communication and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) file format requirements.

With PAS customers get:

  • Flexibility – service can be adjusted to meet volumes, budgets, and interfaces
  • Affordability – reliable communications at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution
  • Security – all aspects of security are managed including SSL certificates and PGP/ GNUPG key management
  • Reliability – 24×7 support based in North America with high-availability, disaster-recovery and business continuity
  • Accessibility – our Scoreboard provides visibility to all EDI transactions

The ESG Difference

ESG’s Pipeline Automation Service is SaaS combining a high level of service with simple, flexible customer interface options. ESG manages all the necessary software, data, translations, backups, and security on a cloud-based architecture.

Single Point of Contact for EDI with Multiple Pipelines

ESG’s service accepts files from trading partners and uses NAESB standard formats and industry-leading security to translate and communicate data to the pipeline’s customer activity website. The message interface can be customized to meet the specific customer requirements. Typical methods include secure FTP, HTTPS, SOAP/REST, or secure manual browser-based file transfers.