QuickNom® Pipeline Management System

Automated Cost-Effective Secure Transactions for Pipeline Operators

ESG’s QuickNom® is a Natural Gas Pipeline Transaction Management System for Interstate natural gas pipelines and Midstream natural gas pipelines and gathering systems. QuickNom® is a cost-effective system for managing daily administrative processes and activities.  Supporting both English and Spanish, QuickNom® offers easy, secure access from any location.

With QuickNom®, pipeline operators get:

  • Simplicity– Shippers and Operators can input, view and print out nominations, pipeline notices, confirmed volumes – all from one screen.  
  • Affordability – With Internet-based architecture, QuickNom® provides an affordable alternative to complex multi-tier systems.
  • Rapid Implementation – organizations can be up and running in days – not months.
  • Superior Support – 24-hour support, backed by a redundant SaaS architecture


Streamlined Processes that are NAESB and FERC Compliant

QuickNom® provides operators of natural gas pipelines a NAESB- and FERC-compliant system that streamlines administrative processes and eliminates the need for emails, faxes and spreadsheets. Shippers can nominate, receive scheduled quantities, allocations, invoices and view contracts all in one website. Pipeline data is easily available with robust reporting and download options.

QuickNom® provides these capabilities via the Internet, so all parties have convenient, round-the-clock access to their information from desktops, laptops and mobile devices.


Related Support for Compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

  • Informational Postings Site Service supporting all FERC-mandated public postings in a standalone website or coupled with QuickNom® for automatic postings of many daily and routine postings, saving pipeline operators valuable time and compliance headaches.