Reliable, Accurate Compilation and Packaging of NAESB- and FERC-compliant tariff and regulatory filings

The North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)  established standards for the data and file formats used in electronic filings. ESG’s QuickTariff service has incorporated these standards, along with a long history of developing straight-forward, cost-effective internet applications for the energy industry, to create an effective and user-friendly solution that has been utilized for hundreds of successful eTariff filings.

With QuickTariff customers get:

  • Simplicity – allows for building new and revising existing documentation
  • Flexibility – support all filing formats and all commodities
  • Security – cloud-based, secure access with multiple security levels
  • Accessibility – Captures filing history and supports shared access filings
  • Reliability – integrates with any tariff management process and complements document management systems

How QuickTariff Works

QuickTariff acts as a packager for eTariffs and regulatory documentation that must be filed with the FERC, bundling together user-supplied tariffs, tariff revisions, and regulatory documentation with stored tariff parameters. QuickTariff maintains all FERC-mandated meta-data such as tariff IDs, collation values, and tariff record numbers), and users filing type-based wizards, so that creating an eTariff filing is easy, fast, and complete. All filing elements are validated and combined into and XML-formatted file for simple eTariff submission via the customer account on the FERC e-filing website.