Retail Energy Enterprise Solution (REES) for Japan

Designed and developed to enable rapid market entry and support efficient operations by combining  Data Management, Customer Information and Billing, Wholesale Energy and Sales and Pricing systems and services to meet the end to end operational requirements of energy retailing businesses in Japan.

Faster and More Efficient Market Entry into Japan

Japan is one of the largest and fastest growing retail electric markets in the world. Retail Energy Providers (REPs) can expand their global footprint and increase their account base, as consumers are eager to switch from their current utility.


Streamlines and Simplifies Retail Operations

The most comprehensive software and service solution, REES is configured and production ready to meet the rules, specifications and regulations of the Japanese retail market.


Manages the Complete Customer Lifecycle

Retail Energy Operations functionality includes Transaction Management, Sales and Pricing, Wholesale Business Processes, Customer Service, Billing, Payment Processing, Credit and Collections, Accounts Receivable and Exception Management.  REES offers robust reporting that provides insight to your operations and you can package and schedule reports to get the information you need. ESG’s REES offering provides all the functions needed for a Retail Electric Utility (REU) to successfully enter and grow in the expanding Japan Market.

From low voltage (mass markets) to high voltage or extra high voltage, we can help automate your business and manage costs.

ESG is uniquely qualified to get you up and running quickly. Get access to the resources you need. ESG helps guide clients through the complete market entry process by providing support services that address:

  • Accounting firms that assist in the establishment of Japanese business entities, obtaining bank accounts, and stamp, tax reporting and payroll services
  • Recruiters to facilitate searches for a country manager and/or senior level staff
  • Regulatory agencies and support for METI licensing
  • Translation services
  • Bill print and call center vendors, payment processors, retail brokers, and vendors who provide front end development

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