Wholesale Energy Solution

Operate as a Wholesale Market Participant

ESG’s Wholesale Energy Solution (WES) helps you meet the complex requirements needed to operate as a Wholesale market participant. By enabling energy retailers the ability to effectively and efficiently forecast, schedule, and settle loads and manage the energy procurement process.

The Data You Need

WES, a SaaS solution, provides customers access to Wholesale energy markets, including deal capture, forecasting, scheduling, and settlement. ESG’s Wholesale Energy Services Portal provides retail energy suppliers online access to your forecasting, scheduling, and settlement data. You are able to produce forecasts, view and download past schedules, ISO invoices and settlement data, capture and record bilateral and financial trades, view position reports, and more.


A Comprehensive Solution Rich with Demand and Supply Features:

  • Market Entry: Integrates with Independent System Operators (ISO) like PJM, ERCOT, and OCCTO, with utilities, and with other trading partners, and includes certification and testing necessary to become a valid ISO member
  • Load Forecasting: Creates aggregated load forecasts, using market transactions to establish and maintain accurate account profiles including status, load profile, utility rate class, supply zone, weather normalization, and capacity obligation. Load forecasting uses sophisticated weather normalization to adjust forecasts for current weather
  • Portfolio Management: Captures bilateral trades, physical
    and/or financial wholesale transactions with counterparties
  • Scheduling: Automates real-time, day-ahead, and bilateral supply deals with ISOs and counterparties
  • Graphic and Data Tools: Analyzes Supply versus Demand schedules, including interfaces to real-time and spot markets for shaping
  • Settlement: Automates access to Settlement functions including invoicing, payment, analysis, and reporting to verify wholesale costs associated with counterparty contracts and ISO market participation
  • Reports: Includes standard reports and data exports for additional analysis, including: ISO Invoice, ISO Pricing Analysis, Profile Pricing Report, Forecast, Energy Schedule, Schedule Confirm, Settlement Cost Summary, Settlement Variance, Switch and Flow Timing, Energy Position, and Mark-to-Market Accounting
  • Analytics: Ability to accurately dissemble wholesale positions and costs to better forecast and price requires analytics that breaks down settlement costs and other data available to retailers