SAAS Solutions for the Demanding Retail Energy Industry

Take over new markets, offer new products, and improve business performance. Our solutions are compliant, customer centric and help to differentiate, scale and fuel innovation. Let us handle your critical back-office workflows so you can build a foundation for growth around the globe.

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Solutions That Work the Way Your People Do

One-size-fits-all technology won’t do in the dynamic, highly fragmented, and intensely competitive retail energy market. You need solutions that are fine-tuned to this industry’s specific challenges.

Drawing on our experience serving over 300 retail energy suppliers and over 15 million customers, our back-office solutions are informed by a deep understanding of the retail energy business. Our unmatched technical expertise—ESG has the smallest number of failures and downtime in the industry—means our solutions are highly secure, efficient, and reliable, just like the way your people actually work.

Support for Businesses of All Sizes

From sales and pricing, to customer management, to wholesale energy services, our products are designed as a suite of integrated modules that can be mixed and matched depending on your back-office needs. Or choose the full suite for a holistic, end-to-end solution—the only one offered by a single vendor in the industry.

Resolve Exceptions Rapidly

Even in the most perfect system, exceptions can pile up. Our automated solutions can help you resolve exceptions quickly across global marketplaces. And when that’s not enough? Our industry experts are ready to step in to identify, isolate, quantify, track, and resolve the issue fast.