Data Analytics

Fast, Easy and Smart

Tell the stories only your data can help you write.  Easily access, analyze and interpret changes in your business so that you can proactively address market shifts. With self-serve reporting and packaged solutions you can turn your data into a competitive advantage by making more informed decision that can improve performance and results. In this competitive energy market, you want every advantage you can get.

Examine early trends and avoid pitfalls

With ESG’s Data analytics solution you get the comprehensive and systematic information behind your key company data in the areas of Receivables, Revenue, Enrollments, Net Gain/Churn. A wealth of data is sitting in your system – customer data, transactional data, and smart meter data – that needs to be extracted, cleaned, organized, interpreted, analyzed, presented to gain insight.

Get better outcomes

This data at the enrollment, revenue, and accounts receivable level can help you to see the questions you didn’t even know to ask. You get both quantitative and qualitative data that provides you with intelligence that you can share quickly across your organization.