Data Management Solutions (DMS)

Meeting Retail Energy Markets’ Specific Needs with Data Management

Designed with the retail energy providers’ challenges in mind, ESG’s DMS  provides a normalized view into all markets which simplifies systems integration and enables rapid market entry and is the most widely used EDI & NON-EDI solution in the business. ESG’s DMS was devised to support our clients’ activity in a manner that reduces vendor, regulatory and operational risks while also providing rapid market entry to accommodate the growth and expansion of their business. ESG’s DMS delivers a low cost, proven, comprehensive solution that meets the challenging data processing needs of retail energy suppliers and utilities across North America, Japan, UK, and Ireland.

Proven: Tried and True

With 20+ million meters in production worldwide, ESG’s DMS Solution is the most robust and proven energy transaction exchange available. ESG’s clients can manage rules and data across markets and transaction data types to normalize the process to gain one consistent format. In addition, they can adapt to ongoing regulatory changes and automate their exception management. All of this helps our clients increase the number of meters and decrease client churn and ultimately improve the customer experience.

The Personal Touch

With ESG’s Data Management Solutions, you don’t have to master all the complex requirements of doing business in deregulated energy markets — ESG does it for you. DMS  supports all retail energy supplier and utility data exchange requirements, including systems implementation, market testing and certification, ongoing operations, and exception management. 

Conquering Data Processing Needs

ESG’s Data Management Solutions meets the challenging data processing needs of retail energy suppliers and utilities. Organizations that are struggling with limitations of current EDI or API systems, or looking to automate business processes benefit from DMS. ESG ensures your data is clean, validated and normalized.