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We are an innovative and market leading software & services company based in Chorley serving clients in the utility sector ranging from new entrants to large existing suppliers.  We deliver sophisticated software solutions and managed services in a Private Cloud infrastructure, servicing both traditional and modern real-time, smart energy clients.

As a Billing SME, you will provide the necessary industry and billing expertise to guide ESG clients on implementing best practice billing processes, and on managing unbilled supplies. You will also work closely with the ESG billing team, acting as a ‘voice of the customer’ to document requirements; support the product line manager and business function manager in prioritisation of the product roadmap; and support the support team in prioritisation of service desk incidents.

Role Responsibilities

Key Objectives:

  • Increase client satisfaction/sales by providing best practice guidance on how to structure client billing functions
  • Directly and indirectly reduce volume of unbilled supplies for ESG clients
  • Directly and indirectly reduce volume of billing non-software fault support tickets
  • Ensure SLAs are met by supporting ESG teams with prioritisation of software fault support tickets
  • Ensure the product roadmap is prioritised appropriately by supporting the product line manager and business function manager with prioritisation of billing related roadmap features
  • Manage, proactively monitor and enhance billing reporting for clients and within ESG
  • Manage the demands of ESG clients and internal stakeholders through prioritising requirements against industry, customer and internal expectations and deadlines and facilitating challenge and mediation as necessary
  • Managing client and business expectations, relating to delivery of billing roadmap functionality

Utilising detailed knowledge of UK Energy Supplier Billing at an operational level, including DCC enrolled and prepayment gained from first-hand operational experience, management or consultancy (within the utilities industry). The key responsibilities of the Billing Subject Matter Expert will include;

  • Providing guidance and support to clients on management of the end to end billing process, including:
      • Handling and setup of customer acquisitions
      • Ensuring pre-reqs data is received from Industry operations
      • Tariff management
      • DD management
      • Supply management
      • Debt management
      • Billing (first, final, cyclical)
      • unbilled/exception management
      • GSOS/Complaints handling
      • Back billing
  • Managing, meeting and reporting on billing SLA performance where applicable
  • Produce and maintain a ‘billing readiness’ checklist for new clients joining ESG
  • Work collaboratively with the Futura support team to resolve billing related incidents
  • Work collaboratively with the senior Service Desk Analyst as a ‘voice of the customer’ to prioritise/escalate Service Desk incidents.
  • Work collaboratively with the Futura Business Function Manager and Lead BA/PLM, as a ‘voice of the customer’ to help prioritise the Futura product roadmap.
  • Work collaboratively with the lead BA/PLM on future product capabilities and design, and with the wider business on opportunities for new developments/services using the knowledge gained from suppliers
  • Work collaboratively with the Futura development team to capture requirements, design and test enhancements or fixes relating to Futura billing
  • Work collaboratively with Futura clients and the ESG project team to support billing related project activities (i.e. migrations).
  • Provide early warning and guidance of regulatory/compliance changes affecting billing.
  • Able to successfully manage communication and progress updates across all business stakeholders
  • Able to act as liaison between UK Technical teams and Customer facing project stakeholders
  • Able to partake in service reviews and help identify and facilitate service improvements programmes where necessary
  • Able to constantly seek to define and improve the processes and practices within the team and encourage others to do the same
  • To align with consistent processes and documentation standards used across the team
  • Flexible in your approach to the role and task completion and when applicable ‘step in’ or ‘step up’ to other roles/positions that may need support

About You


You will have strong interpersonal skills. Experienced at dealing with both technical and C-level stakeholders both internally and within client organisations. You will be emotionally intelligent and adept at building collaboration between all parties.

You will have a strong (3+ years), proven energy industry billing background, understanding the industry fundamentals required to bill and common causes of billing exceptions. Including understanding the differences in billing behaviour between traditional and DCC enrolled meter supplies.

You will have a strong, proven understanding of how energy industry billing software does and should work.

You are self-motivated, hands on, hardworking, professional, passionate, organised, influential and team orientated in everything you do. You have excellent written and verbal communication skills, excellent attention to detail and strong problem solving techniques.


Industry knowledge of pre-payment suppliers and their billing behaviour

Knowledge of ESG (previously Utiligroup) systems would be of benefit

Knowledge of the Software Delivery Life Cycle and associated delivery methodologies.

ISO Awareness

  • Follow IMS Policies
  • Reporting of Incident
  • ISO Responsibilities
  • ISO Staff Awareness