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In a reactive energy market, it’s crucial to be proactive.

ESG’s Pricing Engine helps you to navigate the complexities of the market and allows suppliers to create innovative bespoke products that meet customer demand.

Quickly generate complex pricing quotes without relying on outdated spreadsheets. Manage market exposure risks with confidence, deliver automated and accurate quotes at scale – all whilst remaining agile and efficient in a volatile landscape.

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“Without a robust, flexible pricing strategy your entire business model is a gamble.”

Manage Risk And Market Exposure with a Pricing Engine

Over the past few years, suppliers have struggled with a volatile energy market due to insufficient agility and visibility. A lack of process control and data insight were contributing factors in this downturn. Our solution can help you avoid a similar fate.
Pricing Engine

Offer Withdrawal

Respond to market changes and update rates rapidly so you won’t be locked into unfavourable terms.

Pricing Engine

Proactive Risk Management

Proactive risk management tools and projected forecasting help ensure accurate revenue and cost profiling so you can drive strategic decision-making with increased confidence in your pricing strategies.

Pricing Engine

Pricing data

Use pricing data analytics to create predictive models to anticipate market fluctuations and effectively prepare for different scenarios.

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Pricing Engine
Our Focus

Pricing Engine

The importance of Data-Driven Pricing 

ESG Pricing Engine brings value across the organisation, benefitting finance, trading, operations and most importantly, your end customers.

Regulatory Compliance

Why Choose Us?

Pricing Engine

We manage millions of MPANs

Our solutions price thousands of MPANs daily for complex I&C products

Pricing Engine

Experience across the market

We work with the biggest energy companies across the UK and US

Pricing Engine

Quality over quantity

Our solution focuses on accuracy of data that leads to better insight – whilst providing rapid pricing

Pricing Engine

Our own mission is to help

energy companies speed up their processes, lower costs and focus more on their customers

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