The Titanium Engage product suite includes the following modules and capabilities:

Engage MyAccount

  • Self-service portal: Empowers customers to manage their accounts, monitor usage, renew contracts and more, without needing to contact customer service. Top self-service tasks include signups/enrollments, payments, renewals, and transfers.
  • Customized experience: Tailor the portal to suit your brand and customer journey.

Engage Products and Offers

  • Efficient product management: Streamlines the management of thousands of product offers, making them customer-friendly and accessible.
  • Targeted offers: Presents the right offers at the right time, customized for regions, customer types, and buying preferences.
  • Enhanced filtering: Allows prospects to filter offers by features like EV chargers and green energy percentages.

Engage Digital Signals

  • Customer events: Pushes data to trigger more than 70 customer event types that drive the customer lifecycle from enrollment to renewals. Examples include notifications for payments due, expired AutoPay, and expiration notifications.
  • Integration and automation: Seamlessly integrates with best-in-class solutions.