Matthew Hirst


“ESG is a special place, full of passionate empowered people driving the industry to make utilities smarter for everyone and to provide greater choice and better customer service to consumers. My role includes being a member of the ESG board, leading our global business, setting the strategic direction and building a world class culture with our people to ensure that we continue to adapt and provide value, insight and innovation to our customers to help them to flourish.”


Andrew Green

Chief Technical Officer

“When our clients need a solution that meets their specific needs, it’s my responsibility to ensure we find it. That’s why I have overall responsibility for development, testing, project management and IT – because sometimes the right solution demands pulling together all areas of the business.”


Mathew Bridge

Chief Financial Officer

“Mat ensures ESG have the right commercial and contractual relationships with customers and suppliers ensuring we grow alongside our customers.”

Chrissy DeLoughrey

NA Senior Vice President of Operations

“With over 20 years of experience at ESG, Chrissy heads North American operations, leading our regional exec team and is responsible for the delivery & support of ESG’s North American product line.”

Patrick Smith

Managing Director – North America

“With over 20 years of experience in the technology space supporting various industries, Pat is responsible for managing the North American markets for ESG. He is passionate about leveraging technology to enable customer outcomes and believes that innovation begins with people supported by the right culture. Pat is proud to partner with a strong team to ensure customers and future customers get a partner in ESG that is a champion of their success.”


Steve Roche

UK Managing Director

“As Chief Sales Officer for the UK I am responsible for the commercial development of our business alongside the sales and account management team. I focus on building and maintaining excellent relationships with our customers in order to assist them with their development and business growth. I lead our commercial team to deliver market leading business solutions that challenge the current generation of utilities.

Kate Barnes

Global Product Director - Market

“Kate manages UK operations covering 100 people, overseeing the operation and development of products & services, removing complexity for customers.”

Karen Tegan Padir

Chief Product Officer

Paul Etherington

Chief Information Security Officer

“Paul brings over 20 years of cyber security and leadership experience, including managing, building, and evolving cyber security programs.”

North American Exec

Linda Low

Human Resources Director

Abhinav Sripathi

Director of Cloud Devops

Craig Meehl

NA Technology & Product Manager

“Craig has 19 years within the energy industry between utilities and ESG. He is responsible for driving the Product development between our US and Japan billing solutions.”

George Behr

Engagement & Insights Global Product Director

“George’s expertise in tech & business execution is found in hundreds of successful energy retailers, serving millions of energy consumers worldwide.”

UK Exec

Ashley Sturgeon

Group Finance Director

Susan Horwood

Human Resources Director

Simon Crouch

Director Governance Risk & Compliance

Philip Littler

UK Director of IT

“As Director of IT, Phil’s role is to provide a best in class service to our operational teams and ultimately, to our customers.”

Ailsa Callanan

Director of Client Services

“Ailsa leads the account relationship development and client services delivery to empower our UK customers in their energy leadership.”

Gareth Mawdsley

UK Director of Engineering

“Gareth manages the UK Engineering teams and is responsible for the delivery of robust, performant software to our customers.“

Paul Mears

UK Sales Director

Elaine Eyles

UK Delivery Director

“As the UK Delivery Director, Elaine has 15years+ hands-on Project Management & Consultancy experience primarily focused on the Energy industry.”

Nick Antrobus

Head of Development & Research

“Nick brings more than 25 years of hands-on experience in software development, managing development teams and technology research.”

Steve Veal

Director of Billing and Consultancy

Steve Veal, with a background at a leading energy supplier, brings practical experience of energy company needs to deliver the best, evolving customer experience.