Competitive and empowered leadership for existing energy suppliers

We empower existing energy Suppliers to lead competitively through a managed migration from legacy applications to our automated SaaS platform, integrated into your wider business.

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Independent studies show our SaaS to be many times more cost effective & deliver market leading performance against incumbent choices.

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We are part of 50 working groups and lead in Industry Change

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Discuss the benefits of our platform and your managed migration.

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Empower competitive energy leadership

Through our SaaS platform, managed services & data insight, we manage the complexity to unleash your customer innovation.

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The UK Smart Metering DCC

The UK DCC is a highly secure central communications infrastructure for communicating with smart metering, which energy Suppliers, meter agents and other roles must comply with. They are required to have DCC readiness accreditation, to communicate with it operationally and to support its future path of functionality.
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Deliver customer benefits from smart metering
through our DCC SaaS

Our dedicated SaaS is the most deployed for smart metering at all sizes of company and provides a complete managed DCC platform capability integrated into the wider eco-system of the Supplier and their meter agents.

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A scalable tiered SaaS
model with our DCC operations

Our DCC SaaS may be deployed, operated and supported in differing ways reflecting our customer preferences. Hosted, supported or managed you can interact with the DCC using the right level of our expert services as is right for your business, on a series of extended time support models.

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A full-scope service
option for DCC smart

Smart SaaS clients have the ability to view processes and scheduling, whilst our in-house managed service team manage all industry interactions, including DCC and meter agent exception, device management, firmware and prepayment service management.


Over 20% of UK energy customers operate in our SaaS & growing continually

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