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Data management

Data Management Services (DMS)

Minimize regulatory and operational risks with effective, efficient, high-quality transaction management.

Billing Customer Information

Billing and Customer Information

Manage the entire customer lifecycle on a platform designed specifically for the retail energy industry.

Storage & Pipeline

Storage and Pipeline Management

Simplify management of pipelines and storage facilities with a cost-efficient, cloud-based system.

Wholesale Forecasting, Scheduling, and Settlement

Wholesale Energy Forecasting, Scheduling, and Risk Management

Automate the process of participating in the wholesale energy market from beginning to end.

Sales Management and Pricing

Channel Management

Customer Acquisition Management Platform
Designed to Fit Retailer Workflows.

Data Management

Data Analytics

Layer on to your CIS or Transactional Data, enabling you to dig deeper, more quickly and efficiently to help guide your business decisions.

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have issued Order 2222

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently issued Order No. 2222 to remove barriers that have hindered aggregations of distributed energy resources from participating in regional wholesale markets….

November 12

US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum

Latitude Technologies, an ESG Company is a proud sponsor of the
US Mexico Natural Gas Forum
November 9

ESG to unify global operations and brand, including Utiligroup and Latitude

NORWELL, Mass. – October 8, 2020 – ESG announces that following a quarter of strong customer growth across three continents, the decision has been made to integrate operations and brand into a single global entity. The decision comes as ESG serves more customers who operate in multiple geographies and as it looks to better support […]

October 8


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