Pozitive Energy

Pozitive Energy started as an innovative idea to empower local communities with environmentally sustainable solutions and unrivalled customer experiences – “better than the current market”. They did this positively by merging their existing broker business and offering a complete package promising peace of mind with easy to understand tariffs, accurate readings and accessible payment options.

“Utiligroup was the only provider to offer a company in a box solution when we explored routes to market entry. From initial discussions, it was very clear that we would contract with Utiligroup. We have been extremely pleased with the support and commitment Utiligroup has shown us. Being a new entrant in the market we were looking for a long term strategic partner who could provide industry leading solutions with ongoing advice as we grow.

 “Utiligroup is recognised as the market leader and their level of industry expertise and knowledge has come to the fore. Their personnel team is very impressive and they have displayed unbelievable knowledge. We have dealt with a number of people in the industry as a collective but Utiligroup’s knowledge surpasses. There was much to be learnt in a short space of time but their hand-holding has been invaluable.Neeraj Bhatia, CEO at Pozitive Energy.

Pozitive Energy uses minimum resources and keeps things simple by purchasing clean energy from local suppliers. They pride themselves on treating customers fairly and delivering innovative solutions that are both sustainable and affordable.

Simplifying Market Entry….

The growth of a new independent sector in the UK energy market is driving vibrancy and diversity, and delivering better deals for consumers.

We’re ready to help new entrants and their value chain focus on customer excellence and innovation, whilst industry complexity is managed. We’re bringing together the key capabilities suppliers require to operate across the value chain to deliver competitive leadership in their businesses and focus on innovating for customer benefit.

We’re the ‘go to’ supplier when organisations want to break into the energy industry. We support businesses of any size, from fledgling companies to the ‘Big 6’. Recognised across the industry and built for ‘Smart’ – Supplier in a Box™ enables responsible market entry and competitive growth of energy supply.

For more information on Pozitive Energy: https://www.pozitive.energy/

Pozitive Energy

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