Eddie Kilner

When did you join the company and at what position?

I joined Utiligroup in 2016 as a Process Analyst after studying Business & Management at University

How has Utiligroup helped you in your career?

Working alongside such high caliber colleagues within a very dynamic industry has enhanced my skills through a practical and hands on approach. Since joining Utiligroup I feel I have matured as an individual and grown in confidence levels which has resulted in my progression to the sales and marketing team.

What is on your wish list for the next ten years in the company?

I have recently achieved a personal goal by moving into the Sales Team and am really looking forward to the new challenges this will entail. I would also love to be involved in more charitable events with the company. I previously took part in Tough Mudder with other colleagues which helped raise money for a local charity, this was a really fun and rewarding experience.

What do you love most about Utiligroup?

The atmosphere at Utiligroup is fun, enjoyable and relaxed which really boosts team morale. It is an inspiring company to work for as the CEO started as a graduate and worked his way to the top and continues to sit in the main office with other colleagues which helps to create the open and approachable working ethos.

If you could share any advice for prospective candidates what would it be?

Once you work for Utiligroup you will never look back.

Tea making skills: A solid 7 but I purposely make a bad one so I don’t get asked

Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun, reliable, hardworking,

Favourite Superhero: Deadpool as he’s 100% LAD

Motto to live by: ‘Stuff’ happens

Favourite Drink: Beer, coffee, water – in that order

Favourite Food: Yorkshire puddings and gravy

Hobbies: Gym and involvement in animal welfare

Dislikes: Animal cruelty and Brussel sprouts


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