Introducing Halo with AFMS

Faster Switching is the next competitive energy shift. We’re unleashing its benefits through our new CSS adapter that keeps you compliant.

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Get compliant with our CSS module.

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    Faster Switching

    We have no external reliance on any third party approval and we don’t require shippers or metering agents to deliver SLA’s.

    Faster Switching

    Unleash faster switching benefits simply and compliantly.

    Halo with AFMS is available across multiple delivery packages, from established supplier through to new entrant looking to prepare for faster switching.
    Faster Switching

    Wider coverage across the industry

    Faster Switching

    Halo with AFMS caters for domestic and non-domestic customers using elec and gas. Our module will also support metering agents that utilise our metering products.

    Faster Switching

    Meets mandatory requirements

    Faster Switching

    AFMS with Halo will meet CSS requirements allowing you to continue to gain customers post go-live. Any supplier not able to interact with the CSS post go live will no longer be able to gain new customers nor object to their leaving.

    Faster Switching

    Built for future-proof engagement

    Faster Switching

    Halo with AFMS will benefit from JSON file formatting, the latest format of industry compliant message
    structuring, ready for any and all future change and new technology.

    Benefit from a Halo enabled product suite that delivers full process coverage

    Faster Switching

    Meet Ofgem’s mandatory requirements with wider coverage across the industry.

    Our experience and Industry knowledge directly benefits our customers – giving them a distinct advantage over other competitors.

    Be prepared
    Full Scope
    No External Reliance
    Fully Tested

    Delivering faster, reliable switching in the easiest way…

    Faster Switching

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