Construct your own datalake from multiple sources – including industry dataflows, allowing you to create a hub for utility information with one structured user interface.

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CentreStage consolidates & manipulates data from any source.

CentreStage Use Cases

Defining the methods of how CentreStage can be used


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    A single platform that queries, imports, structures and centralises.

    Proven at scale

    CentreStage is capable of handling millions of dataflows, equal to billions of data groups, with instant data access.

    Structured, intuitive interface

    Prioritise user experience with CentreStage, integrating categorical linking, structured grouping and top down visibility to simplify data interaction.

    Out-of-the-box data loaders

    We provide standardised data loaders that cover the entire ESG product suite and can work with you to support your data loader requirements.


    instances of internal CentreStage reporting

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