Introducing Mark Coyle, Chief Strategy Officer

Mark is our Chief Strategy Officer and member of the executive team. He has been with the company for a decade in two parts during a near thirty year career in energy. Mark leads formation and execution of our strategy, sector & customer strategic engagement. In his role, Mark speaks in UK and in such as USA and Japan on the future path for smart energy, mobility and flexibility. He writes our energy insight articles and formed our Smarter Energy Insights forum. Before Utiligroup he had senior positions at National Grid, Logica, Silver Spring Networks & earlier at British Aerospace engaging in UK and many countries including Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. Mark enjoys Soul music, modernist design, comedy, gardening & social time. He set-up the world’s biggest energy groups at Linkedin and is responsible for our marketing. Mark has an active network, welcoming contact to create successful benefits in the energy transition at and Linkedin.

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