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Ofgem estimates Time of use tariffs could save consumers up to £4.5 Billion

Wealth in data

Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement

Don’t get caught in the data overload.

Are you ready for the big system changes that MHHS will bring?

There are significant costs in making the changes, but there are also many clear benefits and opportunities that will give you value down the track. If you don’t get the changes right, you will probably get left behind.  

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Suppliers will need to handle billions of rows of data every month

Wealth in data

We’re energy experts first

Our team understands the complexities of the energy industry better than any other provider in the market. We engage with hundreds of energy forums and working groups in the US & UK. We share our thinking, publish industry white papers, host conferences, and our people speak at industry events – all to keep us up to date, and ahead of the game.

Wealth in data
Our Focus

ESG is the energy market’s most widely used software for good reason.

Our end-to-end Energy smart cloud supports over 40 million customer accounts across the globe.
Wealth in data

Tried and Tested Technology

Wealth in data

Our approach, software and technology has set the standard in the energy market for years. We are the benchmark for energy technology providers today.

Wealth in data

Next generation levels of data handling

Wealth in data

We build our products to process billions of rows of data. All our solutions are designed and tested to meet the future needs of an energy industry powering towards interval settlements, smart metering and beyond

Wealth in data

Focused on your business needs

Wealth in data

We help you automate complex, time-consuming processes from operations into decisions – so you’re free to concentrate on building your business and looking after your customers.

We’re a smart technology powerhouse.

We’re the biggest independent provider of smart meter software anywhere in the world – helping you plug into the DCC with guaranteed industry compliance and security. We integrate with flexible API’s – helping you easily manage all your data in one place.

Wealth in data

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