Introducing the ESG Customer Engagement Portal

Built to deliver customer-centric data to reduce churn and lower enrollment costs with real-time information.

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Reduce churn | Lower enrollment costs | Engage your customers

The Customer Engagement Portal will help you engage with your end customers, from enrollment to renewal, while providing analytics and insights that will ensure an efficient and profitable revenue management cycle. These critical insights help reduce manual steps to segment high value customers and offer them appropriate rates, relevant products and timely promotions.

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Improving the customer experience from Enrollment to Renewal.

Customer Engagement Portal

Create a better customer experience

Customer Engagement Portal

Offer better payment solutions

Customer Engagement Portal

Offer speed and accuracy

Customer Engagement Portal

Scale your offers

Customer Engagement Portal

Be more profitable

Customer Engagement Portal

Reduce fraud

Customer Engagement Portal

Use Digital Signals Drive Engagement & Action At Scale

How do YOU engage with your customers?
Use our messaging and segmentation capabilities to customize your offers and personalize your communication.

Fast. Efficient. Accurate messaging at scale.
It’s time to up your game.

The Customer Engagement Portal will help you message with pinpoint accuracy.
-Use digital signals to deliver relevant customer messages at scale
-SMS, Emails, Self-Service Portal
-Cloud-based data for your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform
Our Focus

Segment your customers and improve their customer experience

Make sure your highest value customers are engaged
-Ensure a friction-free renewal process
-Offer state-of-the-art communication through multiple channels to meet your customer’s needs
-Improve critical touchpoints along the customer journey along their lifecycle to reduce churn
-Personalized, effective and accurate messaging at scale.

An integral building block in your technology stack.

Easy to add and easy to use.
ESG’s Customer Engagement Portal data can be integrated right into your marketing automation or customer communication platform.
Already an ESG customer? The portal is tightly woven into the Titanium energy platform and is highly intuitive to integrate.
Customer Engagement Portal

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