Partnership & Technology Investments

It’s been an incredible year of partnership and technology investments!
ESG is proud to announce exclusive partnerships that help solve the puzzle of end-to-end energy SaaS.

Our Focus

An integrated end-to-end solution

We’re continually enhancing and expanding our platform to meet the growing requirements of today and tomorrow.

Through our partnership with Innowatts and POWWR, our acquisition of Pandell, and ongoing platform enhancements, The Energy Smart Cloud creates opportunities at operational and strategic levels – across your entire business. Whether you’re looking for data analytics, market messaging, billing, or customer relationship management we provide an integrated end-to-end platform.

We continue to make investments in technology and partnerships. Click on puzzle piece below to learn more.

Innowatts Platform

We are partnered with Innowatts to bring advanced AI and machine learning enablements that drive actionable insights.

Partnerships & Technology

Partnerships & Technology

Pandell Acquisition

We recently acquired Pandell in order to deliver Land Management & GIS and  Financial & Field Operations Services to midstream pipeline operators.


We’ve partnered with POWWR to bring more capabilities to Titanium, our billing solution. Our platform delivers enhanced sales & broker management and product & pricing management.

Partnerships & Technology

Partnerships & Technology


We’ve acquired Phidex, which boosts our pricing, settlement, revenue assurance software and energy consultancy services. This powerful combination positions us uniquely in the market as we continue to drive actionable data insight across the UK and US – through our MHHS, interval data and energy transition programs.

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