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Obtain new customers efficiently, reduce manual processes and leverage data insights to drive product and service innovation with our end-to-end energy platform. Manage your Market data, billing & finance, customer engagement, energy prices & forecasting portfolio with Titanium.

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The world of retail energy is rapidly changing amid market consolidation, energy price fluctuations due to global events, new requirements driven by net zero initiatives – and increasingly sophisticated consumers with evolving needs and energy consumption.

The old approach of standalone, inflexible systems just doesn’t work anymore. You need a modern, modular retail energy platform that can manage as much or as little as you need. You need ESG Titanium so you can grow and optimize your portfolio.

Provide an outstanding customer experience at every step of the lifecycle journey, so you can keep your customers longer.


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“How technology enhances the customer journey”

How can you stand out from the competition in a crowded market?

Create a customer experience that reflects your unique brand. Improve engagement with streamlined processes, easy enrollment and renewal, special offers, and more.

Our panel of experts share examples of how they’ve used integrated software platforms to solve these problems and more. Join us for a lively and interactive discussion.


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