Enabling Future Utilities Thought Paper

Jul 5, 2016

We are delighted to launch our next paper focusing on the journey of future utilities as we evolve towards Energy 2.0. The paper is part of Utiligroup’s Energy Insights series touching on the Energy 2.0 shift and the enabling role in UK of the DCC smart metering.

Future Utilities will create an enabling roadmap of value introduction that is simple, phased and abstracts all the complexity from the customer. Choices made today will enable future competition in Energy2.0 or leave energy suppliers vulnerable to disruption stuck in the dumb meter, unconnected market of Energy1.0.

We welcome contact from customers, potential entrants, partners, technology providers & innovative disrupters to collaborate in creating agile, integrated service eco-systems for future utilities. Talk to Utiligroup via mark.coyle@utiligroup.com .

Explore the Innovation section of the website https://esgglobal.com/innovation/ and download your copy of the paper.

Posted by Dom Benabda