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Gender Pay Gap 2024

Mar 26, 2024
Gender Pay Gap 2024

The Gender Pay gap is different to Equal Pay 

Gender Pay gap shows the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women across the workforce and is about addressing the representation of women in the workforce. Equal pay is about whether women and men performing the same work, at the same level, in the same organisation receive the same pay.

What is Gender Pay

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 brought into effect a requirement for large employers to report publicly every year on the differences in aggregate pay and bonuses of men and women. Employers with over 250 employees must calculate a standard set of key metrics on their gender pay and gender bonus pay.

The regulation applies to all private sector employers with 250 employees or more and every year must report on the following:

  • The difference in the mean pay of full pay men and women, expressed as a percentage.
  • The difference in median pay of full pay men and women, expressed as a percentage.
  • The difference in mean bonus pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage.
  • The difference in median bonus pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage.
  • The proportion of men and women who received bonus pay
  • The proportion of full pay men and women in each of four quartile pay bands.

As an employer of currently to date 324 employees ESG Global (Energy) has undertaken as required by the Equality Act, looking at the data of all full pay relevant employees for the relevant period, including all relevant employees in the UK.

Our workforce to date is made up of 228 males and 96 females, making males 70.37% of our workforce.

We can confirm the data below is accurate containing information relating for the relevant period, however we have excluded data of those not receiving full pay due to Maternity/Paternity Leave or Sickness etc. as we are required to do.

Mean/Median Gender Pay

ESG Global (Energy)’s mean gender pay gap is 10.6%.

Part of the reason we have a gender pay gap is because there are more men available with experience in our industry, however, we have improved year on year. Over the last year our percentage of female employees has increased, and we have maintained or reduced the gap in our pay quartiles by having more internal promotions and hiring more females.

This year we have a launched a number of initiatives designed to address improve our gender pay gap including:

  • A documented and published DEIB Policy & Strategy
  • Early Careers Programme
  • Updated and enhanced our Recruitment and Selection Process to include a diverse panel for interview, incorporated DIEB through all the processes.

Looked at specific areas within the business where there is no gender diversity and have challenged the business to think differently and have successfully started to balance some of those teams to help us close the gap.

  • Improved and enhanced our family friendly policies, including care giving responsibilities.
  • Hybrid and Flexible working Policies

Recognising the wider industry factors, we are looking at opportunities for ways we can improve further. (more details in next steps).

ESG Global (Energy)’s median gender pay gap is 12.9%.

Bonus Gender Pay Gap

  • ESG Global (Energy)’s mean bonus gender pay gap is -13.90%
  • ESG Global (Energy)’s median bonus gender pay gap 0.00%.
  • Proportion of Males Receiving Bonus is 23.30%
  • Proportion of Females Receiving Bonus is 21.30
Posted by Briana Norton

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