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ESG and Innowatts partnership supports data-driven decision-making in the energy industry

Sep 15, 2022

ESG and Innowatts partnership supports data-driven decision-making in the energy industry

ESG, a global leader in energy SaaS solutions, and Innowatts, an intelligent energy demand analytics platform have announced their formal partnership as of 14th September 2022. They will collaborate to bring the best of both businesses (and insights from their combined 90-million meter installations) to their impressive client base.

ESG will be integrating and commercializing Innowatts platform as part of its Energy Cloud Platform in retail energy markets of North America and key markets in Europe.

Energy providers and large commercial companies face significant strategic challenges and huge commercial opportunities in managing their transition to sustainable energy in unprecedented times of change.This partnership brings the strengths of ESG and Innowatts, already successful and well-established businesses, to the industry challenged by climate, and NetZero concerns. The approach delivers results through ESG’s unique ‘Energy Smart Cloud’ platform.

‘Energy Smart Cloud’ helps energy providers unlock a new layer of value in their data, it comprises:

  • ESG’s integrated market and customer data management platforms, wealth of data and 20-years of experience.
  • Innowatts’ renowned analytics for next generation forecasting and their net zero carbon initiatives in regulated and deregulated global markets.

Existing and new customers of both businesses can elevate their decision-making with granular analytics from the meter back through the value chain.

As Patrick Smith, Managing Director of ESG North America added:

“‘…Our partnership helps customers get an edge on the big decisions that they have to get right. We can help them understand their customer base better, forecast with more confidence and make optimal data-driven decisions that connect across all areas of their business to deliver results. Everything from longer-term strategy such as net zero energy mix trade-offs to day-to-day operations such as billing.’ ”

Innowatts Founder & CEO, Siddhartha Sachdeva continued:

“‘This partnership accelerates energy providers efforts to leverage customer level energy data at scale to drive energy transition. It will enable our clients to seamlessly transition to using smart meter data for forecasting, risk management, profitability analysis, pricing, billing, grid-edge management and help optimize commodity risk along with improving customer lifetime value’ ”

The partnership will launch officially at the EMC Conference in New York on 14th September 2022. For more information please contact: Dom Benabda, Marketing Manager at ESG on

Posted by Nicholas Schepis

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