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Lubbock presents new electric retail opportunities

Dec 21, 2022
Lubbock presents new electric retail opportunities

Lubbock presents new electric retail opportunities

A brand new sales opportunity.

Earlier this month, Lubbock Power and Light announced that they are transitioning their customers to a competitive electric retail service. Lubbock is working with ERCOT on a ‘Move to Retail’ competition plan, expected in the fall on 2023. Lubbock will continue to manage the transmission and distrubution of electricity, however the buying and selling of electricity to customers will be passed to retail electric providers. 

““It is important that all Lubbock Power & Light customers be able to access competitive choice during the same time frame in order to treat Lubbock ratepayers in a fair and reasonable fashion.””

What’s does this change mean for retailers?

Electric retail providers will have the opportunity to compete for these consumers as new customers in 2023.

  • Up to 108,000 electric consumers will be actively searching for a new retail electric provider (later this year)
  • Lubbock consumer base have specifically demanded this competition in energy retail and are engaged in finding new retailers
  • New market means completely new opportunity to promote your brand and focused messaging – i.e. net zero, API integration or competitive pricing
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A market wide, dedicated data test flight will be held next year for energy retailers testing with Lubbock – that ESG will be supporting with our dedicated Transaction Management platform and portfolio of energy retail solutions.  

Key Events

Summer 2023 – LP&L will provide customers with their unique electric service ID and billing cycle information so customers can shop for and select their electric provider.
Fall 2023 – All customers that have not chosen their electric provider will be assigned to one. Customers will transition to their new providers and receive a final electric bill from LP&L.

Posted by Dom Benabda

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