Utiligroup Catapults Robin Hood into the Energy Market

Oct 9, 2015
Utiligroup Catapults Robin Hood into the Energy Market

Utiligroup – a leading provider of innovative solutions to the utilities and energy industry – has been appointed by Robin Hood Energy to facilitate energy market entry to customer across England, Wales and Scotland.

Robin Hood Energy – set up by Nottingham City Council – is driven by the council’s commitment to provide affordable energy to the fuel-poor. Competitively priced energy tariffs are currently available to domestic customers with business tariffs being made available later in the year. Robin Hood Energy is a new entrant to the market and is making use of Utiligroup’s software and managed services to become a gas and electricity supplier, after it was successful in becoming the council’s preferred supplier.

CEO of Utiligroup, Matthew Hirst, commented: “It’s becoming increasingly common for non-traditional organisations and companies to establish themselves as suppliers, which in turn, creates a more varied marketplace.

“We’re delighted that Nottingham City Council has taken the issue of fuel poverty and rising tariffs into its own hands. We’re firmly of the belief that the number of new entrants into this market encourages real competition in the industry, and we’re in a very strong position to power this new breed of efficient, innovative suppliers.”

Jo Gilbert, head of Robin Hood Energy, added: “The launch of Robin Hood Energy is a really important move towards ensuring customers receive a better service and fairer charges and we have complete faith in Utiligroup being the service provider that will ensure we can manage this. The company understands the market like nobody else, and fully supports our aim to service the region with impeccable customer service and value for money.”

To date, Utiligroup has enabled over 70 per cent of new entrants to break into the energy and utilities market, including a variety of well-known energy providers – both UK and overseas-based – including The Co-Operative Energy, Ovo Energy, GnERGY and ExtraEnergy. The breadth of clients includes established providers, as well as a host of community organisations, housing associations and region-specific suppliers.

For more information: visit https://esgglobal.com/ and https://nottinghamcity.gov.uk/.

Posted by Dom Benabda