Utiligroup continues wholesale energy trading hedge facilitation & market briefing for Supplier customers

Dec 5, 2016

As part of its ongoing programme of work with the wholesale energy trading community to enable the hedging of its energy Supplier customers, Utiligroup is pleased to announce the following activities:

  • Utiligroup has developed the widest range of relationships in the UK energy sector across the wholesale trading community with many of its participants using our software.  In recent years we have developed the next stage of our value for energy Suppliers so that they could grow their customer base confident in their underpinning financial and wholesale energy trading hedged position.
  • During 2016 over two dozen of its existing and new entrant energy Supplier customers have been introduced to relevant wholesale energy trading partners and have then directly concluded first and second stage hedging relationships directly with a new hedging partner of their choice.  The energy trading market interest in Utiligroup Independent Supplier customers has grown substantially, resulting in nearly a dozen potential providers keen to agree relationships from conventional to pure green fuel-mix based packages.
  • Utiligroup facilitates the relationships and provides ongoing trader assurance data services that enable the Supplier and their trading partner to grow their position, together confident in the operational performance.
  • Our customers are able to deploy the trading strategy of their choice using the combination of Utiligroup software for trading market access and demand forecasting, best of breed trading solution partners in energy trading & risk management, expert consultancy partners and the range of mature, dedicated trading market providers available.   Our customers are then able to analyse and optimise their resultant market position, Settlement and Revenue Assurance positions using Utiligroup solutions which are available on a Software as a Service basis.
  • Following our successful market briefings on such as market price movements and the impact of Project Nexus to gas shipping services, on 7th December our existing and prospective customers will be attending the latest session provided this time by Smartest Energy considering trading market conditions, approaches to hedging, key operational requirements and future change drivers.
  • Utiligroup is deeply engaged in all the key market changes and their convergence from energy retail, trading, smart metering network delivery services to make data driven, agile utilities smarter in offering flexible tariffs, faster switching, customer empowerment and solutions that bring innovative benefits to their customers.
  • Our Strategy & Marketing Director, Mark Coyle delivers a constant ongoing programme of energy trading best practice enablement drawing on the deep resources of our team and partners.   We welcome contact from our existing and new customers plus further engagement from the trading community to help our customers deliver hedged wholesale energy positions in support of their growing businesses.

For further information please contact Mark Coyle at mark.coyle@utiligroup.com

Posted by Dom Benabda