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Contract Type
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We are an innovative and market leading software & services company based in Chorley serving clients in the utility sector ranging from new entrants to large existing suppliers. We deliver sophisticated software solutions and managed services in a Private Cloud infrastructure, servicing both traditional and modern real-time, smart energy clients.

Shift Work: Monday to Friday, 8am – 5.30pm 7.5 hours a day. Two evenings and one weekend day a month, 3 industry update evenings per year. A minimum of 37.5 hours per week with 1 week of 40 hours and 1 week of 45 hours expected in each month. This is an operational support role and flexibility is expected.

Role Responsibilities

Application Support Responsibilities:

  • Provide front-line support to customers
  • Troubleshoot and resolve software problems, internally and externally
  • Provide application support and guidance, internally and externally.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of software applications to internal test environments
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of software applications on customer environments
  • Work with project teams to investigate complex issues, identify and implement solutions to new and re-occurring problems in the deployment of applications
  • Work with other members of staff to ensure transfer of knowledge and understanding of problems, practices and processes.
  • Develop documentation that aids successful implementation and operation of software applications for both new deployments.
  • Management of internal testing environments to ensure that these remain in line with customer sites and configuration
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the entire ESG Global product suite to facilitate the deployment of applications on a customer’s environment, including variable parameters
  • Record and maintain system documentation and software inventories
  • Follow procedures and seek assistance when guidelines are inadequate, deviations from the standard are proposed or when unanticipated problems arise.
  • Document problems and resolutions for future reference
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation to improve the customer experience or deliver efficiencies


  • To understand the concepts of solutions implementation; assist in the implementation of new and amended solutions
  • To report progress and participate in progress meetings
  • To understand the importance of configuration management and participate within a formal configuration management system
  • To understand the importance of change control and work within a formal change control system
  • To understand the importance of quality control, to comply with all relevant standards and procedures and participate in quality assurance and control activities
  • To contribute to the project planning process by providing estimates of effort and elapsed time for the assigned work; to advise of any deviations from the plan

Qualification, Attributes & Experience

  • Performance of Test Analyst responsibilities as required

You must have:

  • Two to Three years Applications Support experience, outside of ESG
  • Knowledge and Experience of Software Deployment
  • Knowledge and Experience of Customer Support
  • Knowledge and Experience of Oracle & SQL databases with MYSQL being desirable
  • Excellent Customer Service skills including Customer-Facing experience
  • Strong attention to detail, with excellent written and oral communications
  • Strong problem solving, organisation and communication skills

ISO Awareness

  • Follow IMS Policies
  • Reporting of Incident
  • ISO Responsibilities
  • ISO Staff Awareness