Contract Type
Contract Type
37.5 - Sun - Thurs 7am-3:30pm
Chorley - Hybrid


 We are an innovative and market leading software & services company based in Chorley serving clients in the utility sector ranging from new entrants to large existing suppliers. We deliver sophisticated software solutions and managed services in a Private Cloud infrastructure, servicing both traditional and modern real-time, smart energy clients. 

We operate a Hybrid working policy so you will be able to flex between working in the office and your home location to carry out this role. but during your initial training period the need to be in office full time with other team members will be essential. 

Position Responsibilities

  • Provide front-line support to customers 
  • Troubleshoot and resolve software problems, internally and externally 
  • Provide application support and guidance, internally and externally. 
  • Completion of incident reports 
  • Participation in helpdesk review and analysis 
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of software applications to internal test environments 
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of software applications on customer environments 
  • Work with Infrastructure, Network and Product Development teams to investigate complex issues, identify and implement solutions to new and re-occurring problems 
  • Work with other members of staff to ensure transfer of knowledge and understanding of problems, practices and processes. 
  • Develop documentation that aids successful implementation and operation of software applications for both new deployments. 
  • Develop documentation and mappings of upgrade procedures for general and specific scenarios
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the entire Utilisoft product suite to facilitate the deployment of applications on a customer’s environment, including variable parameters
  • Analyse and evaluate existing or proposed software systems to determine feasibility, time required and process.
  • Record and maintain system documentation and software inventories
  • Follow procedures and seek assistance when guidelines are inadequate, deviations from the standard are proposed or when unanticipated problems arise.
  • Document problems and resolutions for future reference
  • To understand the concept of solution implementation; assist in the implementation of new and amended solutions
  • To report progress and participate in progress meetings
  • To understand the importance of configuration management and participate within a formal configuration and change management system
  • To understand the importance of change control and work within a formal change control system
  • To understand the importance of quality control, to comply with all relevant standards and procedures and participate in quality assurance and control activities
  • To contribute to the project planning process by providing estimates of effort and elapsed time
    • for the assigned work; to advise of any deviations from the plan 

Position Qualifications

You must have: 

  • Knowledge and experience of Software Deployment 
  • Knowledge and Experience of Customer Support 
  • Knowledge and Experience of SQL databases 
  • Knowledge and experience of system monitoring solutions 

About You

  • Excellent Customer Service skills including Customer-Facing 
  • Strong attention to detail 
  • Excellent written and oral communications 
  • Strong problem solving and organisation skills 

ISO Awareness

  • Follow IMS Policies 
  • Reporting of Incidents 
  • ISO Responsibilities 
  • ISO Staff Awareness