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Contract Type
Full Time
Norwell, MA
Cloud Dev Ops

Energy Services Group is seeking a Senior Engineer to ensure the automation of builds, release and monitoring of all products within the ESG portfolio. Along with monitoring, there will be a need to address scaling and performance issues within the product and to work with all teams internally to address these needs and issues. An ideal candidate will have experience managing hybrid and cloud environments with a focus on AWS, familiarity with Infrastructure as Code and Containerization, strong scripting skills, and the desire to work in a fast paced and collaborative team.


Essential Functions

  • Define and automate product build process using Jenkins and Ant
  • Define and automate product release to hosting environments (non-production and production) via Pipelines and custom scripting
  • Define and automate product monitoring and alerting
  • Facilitate product performance & scaling issue resolution
  • Assist in driving HA product architecture solutions
  • Support and drive good application architecture and configuration with the product development teams
  • Support product deployments
  • Support product operations
  • Good understanding of DR processes and infrastructures
  • All other related duties as assigned



  • 3-5yrs of experience with AWS services ( Cloud Formation, EC2, Lamda, S3, RDS, etc.. )
  • 3-5yrs of experience using monitoring solutions ( DataDog, NewRelic/Nagios/PRTG/Site247 )
  • 3-5yrs of experience using build solutions (Mavin, Jenkins/Pipelines, Ant,etc.. )
  • 3-5yrs of experience using Linux & Windows (Java/tomcat/IIS/AD)
  • 3-5yrs of experience using enterprise logging solutions (Splunk, Scalyr, Loggly, Elasticsearch, etc)
  • Experience with Containerization including Kubernetes and Docker


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience preferred