Customer Acquisition Management System

ESG Ascent optimizes the acquisition of Customers through online prospecting, offer creation, product selection, pricing, contracting, onboarding and commissions. Designed to serve any mix of in-house and outsourced sales & brokers, Ascent’s focus on retail energy speeds pricing and reduces commissioning efforts.

ESG Ascent delivers:

  • Product Design Flexibility: Innovation is critical, and Ascent enables price quoting of modern retail energy products using a flexible architecture proven in nationwide markets since 2010. Compatible with both gas and electric products, Ascent is capable of supporting both local LDC and zone pricing granularity. Once products are designed, Sales/Brokers have access to the products with the push of a button. Forward curve data feeds keep the pricing fresh, including repricing when desired.
  • Pricing/Contracting Speed, Accuracy & Workflow: The ‘Pricing-as-a-Service’ model enables sales teams and brokers fast access to pricing to help close deals. With minimal information, your teams are minutes from all that is needed to price and negotiate/re-price deals. Ink on PDF contracts using tablet signature tools can be done onsite. Special pricing needs or exceptions are flagged for review by your Pricing Ops team.
  • Commissioning Simplified: Close the loop with your sales and broker teams with a simplified, efficient commissioning engine. Pre-paid, flat, residual and other models maximize broker exposure.
  • Broker Portal Self-Service: Optimize how agents communicate with Customers and with your back-office support teams using ESG’s white-label Ascent Broker Portal. Brokers have on their tablet everything they need to speed through the sales cycle, including pricing, proposal & contracting. Visibility to onboarding status, monthly billing and commissions earned increases trust and reduces demands on internal Sales Ops teams.
  • Sales Operations Maturity: Back-office Integration with the Broker Portal enables internal operations staff to focus on onboarding new Customers and optimizes touches with Brokers.
  • Visibility Into Broker Performance: Ascent tracks broker productivity and grants Client with insight into performance at the broker/agent-level via reporting functionality and other analytics.