ESG launches ESG-connected as it empowers energy leaders globally

Mar 12, 2021
ESG launches ESG-connected as it empowers energy leaders globally

ESG is accelerating its empowerment of energy leaders globally through the launch of its new ‘ESG-connected’ affiliates initiative.  Through this initiative ESG will bring together complementary companies to create the new technology platform eco-system that accelerates benefit delivery from future energy models. ESG-connected will create a network of its affiliate companies that integrate, collaborate and innovate in empowering their shared customers.

As energy transitions to become cleaner, smarter and more flexible there is a growing requirement for new technology platform eco-systems that span across customer, operational, market and networks. These platform eco-systems combine expert capabilities from dedicated providers to optimize energy continually. The latest digital technology is integrated into automated services operating beyond provider boundaries to create the next frontier of agile competitive energy. ESG-connected brings together complementary companies working alongside each other to empower competitive energy leaders. Through this initiative ESG will create a new eco-system of leading providers who integrate, collaborate and innovate so that energy leaders can deliver on their promise of cleaner, smarter and flexible energy.

This new initiative is part of a step forward in 2021 by ESG to make a leading contribution to empower those delivering our future energy needs globally. ESG-connected is the first public step in the extensive investments underway into the next generation of our SaaS platform, flexible integration, global expertise and new capabilities that ESG will reveal through 2020 and beyond. Through this new initiative, ESG, its affiliates and the energy leaders it empower globally will make a shared contribution to our future.

The new initiative is led by our CMO, Mark Coyle and is attracting a wide range of inward interest in early conversations. A briefing pack is available today for those interested to explore how our companies grow shared empowerment of energy leaders globally. ESG will showcase its affiliates increasingly as the initiative grows and develop shared thinking, aligned value and collaborative promotions. Mark looks forward to your contact at

As part of launching ESG-connected, at the CHARGE US Energy week on 23rd March, Mark set out the four key drivers shaping future energy and the emergence of platform eco-systems that empower future energy competitiveness.

ESG-connected – accelerating future energy benefits for energy leaders globally through proactive collaboration.

If you’d like to learn more about ESG-connected please contact Mark Coyle at  or you can reach out to him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

ESG launches ESG-connected as it empowers energy leaders globally

Posted by Dom Benabda