ESG selected by Vistra to empower its competitive energy leadership

Jun 23, 2021
ESG selected by Vistra to empower its competitive energy leadership

ESG today announced the expansion of its existing business relationship with Vistra. Vistra is one of the largest competitive retail electricity and power generation companies in the U.S. Serving approximately 4.3 million retail customers with electricity and natural gas, Vistra continues to grow its retail business across multiple brands and markets.

ESG will provide EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software & associated service for Vistra across its North American energy markets. The ESG solution provides standardized interfaces for EDI and billing across global energy markets, providing ease of integration with back-end client systems and enhancing client innovation to customers.

Matt Hirst, CEO of ESG said, “ESG is delighted to extend our relationship with Vistra, one of the competitive energy leaders in North America. Our software platform is increasingly the go-to choice for energy retailers globally and we look forward to bringing Vistra the further benefits of our investment, innovation, and expertise.”

Kolt Sarver, VP of retail technology at Vistra said, “ESG has proven to be a valuable partner and their software services are an important component of our overall technology solution as we continue to grow and expand our retail business.”

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