ESG Sponsors Derian House Cinema Room

Jul 1, 2021
ESG Sponsors Derian House Cinema Room

ESG is proud to announce the sponsorship of the running of the Derian House Cinema Room.

The cinema featuring a 120-inch screen also offers hotdogs, candy floss and popcorn to provide families with a real, authentic cinema experience.

David Robinson, CEO of Derian House said: “The cinema room provides families with an authentic and exciting cinema experience, one which they may miss out on otherwise. Accessibility issues, care needs and the needs of siblings make a visit to a regular cinema seem impossible. Our families can enjoy the magic of the movies whilst spending precious time together making memories, relaxed in the knowledge that clinical staff are on hand if their child requires care.

At Derian House, our aim is to make sure the life of every child matters, and to ensure that our families are able to make the very most of every moment they have together. With services costing £5 million to run every year – and just 12 per cent of that coming from government funding – it is only down to generosity such as ESG’s that we are able to continue.”

ESG are an energy solutions provider in Chorley that have continually supported Derian House with their incredible work over the years.

“When the opportunity came to sponsor the running of the Cinema Room, being a technology company, we jumped at the chance. It means more children can come and enjoy those special family moments” ESG CEO, Matthew Hirst says. “I was blown away when I first came to visit and see the room for myself. It’s something we are very proud to support, especially with our offices just down the road from Derian House and many staff, including myself, living locally”.

ESG Sponsors Derian House Cinema Room


Posted by Dom Benabda