ESG to unify global operations and brand, including Utiligroup and Latitude

Oct 7, 2020
ESG to unify global operations and brand, including Utiligroup and Latitude

Following a quarter of strong customer growth across three continents, ESG has made the decision to integrate operations and brand into a single global entity.

The decision comes as ESG serves more customers who operate in multiple geographies and as it looks to better support the digitization of the energy sector, empowering energy leaders globally. Local companies in North America and Japan including Latitude Technologies, plus Utiligroup in Europe will integrate into a single structure and company identity to propel the speed, innovation and benefit for global customers. The ESG software platform manages over twenty million customer meters for more than two hundred customers around the world.

The integrated ESG business will be headed by Matthew Hirst who becomes CEO. Matthew has been Utiligroup’s CEO for the past eight years having being with the business for over twenty years. ESG acquired Utiligroup in 2017 through investment from Accel-KKR. A single executive team, drawn from the leaders in each geography, will further enhance the speed of development, drive service excellence and continued innovation in customer value.

As part of the integration Utiligroup and Latitude, the Storage and Pipeline software business, will become known as ESG starting in January of 2021. The company remains committed to all its local markets and customers in North America, Europe and Japan which comprise the largest competitive energy markets in the world. Through continued investment in its expert software as a service, ESG delivers the competitive performance, operational efficiency and platform scale to underpin globalization by energy market leaders. The integration is being led by the global executive leadership, focused on growing the ways their pioneering customers are empowered to deliver more customer benefits in a fast changing business environment.

Matthew Hirst, CEO said “We have a fantastic global team of energy and technology professionals at ESG and the unification of our brands and operation will enable us to invest in new products for the future and to enter new markets at a quicker pace. We are passionate about providing innovative technology that empowers energy leaders to deliver on the future promise of energy. The energy market is already changing at a fast pace as it becomes more digital and data intensive. We are structuring our business to further enhance the value and collaborative ways in which we can help our customers to provide the best service to their energy consumers globally. ESG is excited to help create an energy future that provides better lives for everyone.”

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Posted by Dom Benabda