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MHHS – Examine the opportunities

Jan 10, 2023
MHHS – Examine the opportunities

There’s an array of opportunities in MHHS

Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement is a significant change, and it would be easy to focus on the hard work you’ll have to put in to be ready, but it’s worth remembering that any business that delivers the MHHS transition right will find a big prize on offer.

With a bedrock of reliable data, brilliant analytics and an experienced partner, you’ll get better insight into your customers and your commercial data than ever before. Clearer insight will help you make better-informed decisions across all areas of your business including:

  • Energy forecasting
  • Wholesale commodity purchases
  • New ‘time of use tariffs’
  • Customer attraction, retention, and segmentation
  • Lowering cost to serve


This data, insights, results thinking, is hard-wired into our team at ESG. It’s our job to add expertise, experience and 20 years of experience delivering massive industry changes, that will add up to a clear competitive advantage for you.

“We develop for what's coming next, not what is just ahead.”

It’s our job to put the power of your data in your hands. And if you’d like more information on MHHS and our new platform.

For more information on MHHS and ESG's approach, advice & insights
Visit our MHHS Page
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