Utiligroup Supports OVO Energy’s Entry to Meter Operation

Sep 11, 2015
Utiligroup Supports OVO Energy’s Entry to Meter Operation

Utiligroup has facilitated OVO Energy’s move into the meter operation service, by enabling the company to become an independent Meter Operator (MOP) – the first supplier to operate as such under Utiligroup’s managed services.

Utiligroup – a leading software and solutions services provider to the energy and utilities sector – has worked in partnership with OVO Energy since it assisted OVO’s entry to the market in 2009, trading as a gas and electricity provider. OVO Energy will now be able to install and maintain its customers’ electricity and gas meters, resulting in a more integrated service and improved customer service.

AMOPS is Utiligroup’s web-based front end software, an industry-leading MOP system, which further enhances OVO’s ability to provide ongoing meter maintenance and to be involved in all aspects of their customers’ experience.

Matthew Hirst, CEO of Utiligroup, said: “Bringing technological advances to our clients as early as possible is paramount. Being given the chance to work with OVO group to innovate and extend its service offering to customers has been an exciting time for all involved. It is always important for us to assist our clients to provide yet more benefits to their end consumers.

“It’s vital that we offer a consistently reliable and secure system, which can benefit consumers by ensuring they can make the best choices for them. It’s crucial that all of our solutions utilise the most up-to-date technologies, so our clients can provide higher performing and scalable services to their customers.”

Smart services director of OVO Energy, Leyton Jones, added: “Partnering with Utiligroup has enabled OVO to deliver a MOP function, allowing us to improve processes and take greater control of this vital agent service. Becoming our own MOP allows us to provide an improved service to our existing customers and to also deliver a superior experience during the smart meter roll-out”.

For more information, visit: https://esgglobal.com or https://www.ovoenergy.com/

Posted by Dom Benabda